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Silk Hydrating Cleansing Foam

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Discover a balanced cleanse with our luxurious Silk Hydrating Cleansing Foam, crafted to restore your skin's equilibrium in just 10 minutes. Praised for its efficacy and gentleness, our award-winning formula effortlessly removes light makeup, leaving your skin revitalized and clear. It deeply purifies while preserving moisture, promoting a radiant complexion. Specifically designed for dry, sensitive skin, it combines amino acids, APG, amphoteric compounds, and glycolipids to cleanse and fortify the skin.

Benefits: Clean + Hydrate + Strengthen

For Skin Type: All Skin Types

Size: 145ml

Enhanced Skin Barrier Function

Our formula utilizes Biomimetic NMF featuring 8 amino acids, replenishing natural moisture lost during cleansing. The Hydration Magnet boosts silk protein and hyaluronic acid levels, enhancing your skin's moisture retention. Powered by Aquaxyl®, it enhances hydration, stimulates hyaluronic acid and ceramide synthesis, and fortifies water channel proteins for sustained moisture.

Advanced Moisture Retention Technology

Combining Amino Acid HCl with a moisture-binding agent, our formulation for Silk Hydrating Cleansing Foam secures hydration by attaching bioactive sugars to the skin, ensuring improved moisture retention. 'Ion Patch' Technology strengthens the skin's moisture barrier, extending hydration.

Cleansing isn't just about what you remove; it's about what you preserve. It marks the critical first step in reinforcing your skin's protective barrier. For those with dry, sensitive skin, choosing the right cleanser is a delicate task. It must be potent yet gentle, effectively cleansing without disrupting the skin's natural balance. Discover our Intelligent Cleansing Technology — a sophisticated approach to purifying your skin while maintaining its natural harmony.

Key Ingredients:

  • 2% Silk Amino Acids + Silk Protein
    A variety of amino acid structures formed naturally after hydrolysis provide a silky, soft cleansing experience.

  • 6% APG + 7% Amphoteric Surfactant
    Moderate degreasing ability added while protecting the skin's sebum film without over-cleansing.

  • 1% Glycolipid Surfactant
    Natural, gentle, and eco-friendly, offers mild makeup removal.

  • Biomimetic NMF
    Simulating Natural Moisturizing Factors with 8 amino acids to mimic the moisturizing factors lost during cleansing.

  • Hydration Magnet
    Enhance Skin's Moisture Retention Capacity

  • Aquaxyl®
    Increase Epidermal Hydration

Collective Effect Repair Mask with Bisabolol is an advanced skin care product is designed to enhance your skin's immunity, reduce damage, and accelerate the natural renewal processes. By fortifying your skin's defenses, it helps protect against environmental stressors and internal factors that can cause harm. The potent formula works to repair and rejuvenate your skin, leaving it healthier, more resilient, and radiant. Ideal for all skin types, this solution provides a comprehensive approach to skincare, ensuring that your skin remains youthful and vibrant.

15-Minute First-Aid Soothing

Apply a thick layer for immediate nourishment, inflammation resistance, and discomfort relief from various factors like staying up late, sun exposure, wind, and friction.

Overnight Repairing and Nourishing

Apply a thin layer overnight to repair and nourish the skin. Perfect for nightly use, ensuring a radiant and delicate complexion.

Boosting Skin Immunity in 4 Weeks

Consistent use enhances skin tolerance and improves sensitive skin conditions.


15 Minutes - First-Aid Soothing:

  • 97% felt skin discomfort soothed
  • 87% noticed instantly brighter skin
  • 84% saw immediate skin condition improvement

2 Weeks - Supplement & Repair:

  • Red zone area reduced by 29.98%
  • Skin hydration moisture level increased by 9.78%
    • Before use: 21.41%
    • 2nd week after use: 1.00%
    • 4th week after use: 0.08%

4 Weeks - Rejuvenating and Building Resiliency:

  • Skin tolerance improved by 27.2%

Key Ingredients:

• Highlight ingredients: Bisabolol, Symsitive1609, Tangerine peel extract, Ergothioneine, Ubiquinone

• Effective in inhibiting the release of inflammatory factors, the addition of Bisabolol and Symsitive1609 are key to our repair mask’s exceptional anti-inflammatory performance and facial redness reduction.

• Tangerine peel extract improves skin dullness and clarity by enhancing keratinized cell structure of our skin.

• Both natural extraction, Ergothioneine and Ubiquinone protect skin with anti-oxidant power

• Formulated without artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances, SLS Sulphate, high-risk preservatives, irritating actives or environmentally-unfriendly chemicals.


  • Lightweight in texture, soft and creamy. Indulge yourself with the freshness of yogurt spreading over the face in a light touch. 


  • Carbon Footprint Neutralized
  • Raw Material Production: 1520g
  • Manufacturing: 30g
  • Distribution: 30g

Vegan Beauty Products and Cosmetics Fair Trade Beauty Products and Cosmetics Made with Love Supporting Woman Owned Beauty Products and Cosmetics


Water, Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, Coco-Glucoside, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Lauroamphoacetate, Trehalose, Glycolipids, Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate, Sodium Chloride, Cocoyl Glutamate TEA Salt, Glyceryl Laurate, Sodium Lauroyl Silk Amino Acids, Sorbitan Oleate-30 Tetraoleate, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, PPG-5-Ceteth-20, PEG-80 Dehydrated Sorbitan Laurate, Betaine, Glyceryl Oleate, Maltose Glucoside, Xylosyl Glucoside, Citric Acid, Modified Castor Oil Maleate, PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleate, Sodium PCA, Sugar Isomers, Hydroxypropyl Arginine HCl, Dehydrated Xylitol, Hydrolyzed Starch Hydrolysate, Sweet Almond (Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) Seed Oil, Urea.


Step 1/b>
Cleanse your hands.

Step 2/b>
Dispense an appropriate amount of cleansing foam (1-2 pumps recommended).

Step 3/b>
Gently massage onto damp facial skin in a circular motion using your fingertips.

Step 4
Rinse off with clean water, then pat your face gently with a soft towel to absorb moisture.
Silk Hydrating Cleansing Foam

Silk Hydrating Cleansing Foam

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