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Lavender Soaps

For centuries lavenders soaps have offered a holistic experience to the regular bathing routine and offer endless benefits for your skin. Our fair trade, clean and natural soaps are made with a number of wonderful ingredients such as pure lavender oil, coconut milk , Shea butter and they contain high levels of fatty acids and vitamins.

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Skin Benefits of Lavender Soaps

Skin Benefits of Lavender Soaps
  1. Anti-Inflammatory.

    Lavender is anti-inflammatory and therefore helps reduce skin inflammation. Our soaps contain fatty acids and help reduce redness and irritation from the skin, therefore helping with conditions such as eczema and dermititis.
  2. Antibacterial.

    Because lavender has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties it makes our soaps wonderful for removing dirt and harmful bacteria from your skin.

  3. Gentle Cleansing.

    Because all our soaps are free of toxins and harsh chemicals they offer gentle cleaning experience without stripping the skin of natural oils. They leave the skin smooth and moisturized.

  4. Excellent Moisturizers.

    Our soaps contain vitamins and fatty acids which are great moisturizers, that in turn help regenerate and strengthen our skin.

  5. Anti-Aging.

    Vitamins, fatty oils and antioxidants contained in some of our soaps help prevent signs of premature aging, strengthen the skin and help restore skin elasticity.

  6. Soothes Sunburns.

    In addition to it's healing properties, lavender can sooth sun burnt skin and its anti-inflammatory properties relieve some of the pain and discomfort associated with sunburns. Applying lavender soaps to your skin after a long day in the sun will soothe and hydrate your skin.

  7. Support all skin types.

    Our Lavender soaps and gentle on your skin and are great to use on any skin type from sensitive to normal to dry or oily. It is because of the gentle nature of lavender our lavender soaps are suitable for all skin types promoting overall well being.

Mind Benefits

  1. Relaxation

    Lavender oil has a calming effect and helps with relaxation. This essential oil and its aroma create a spa-like atmosphere when used during bathing. It also reduces stress and anxiety and promotes mood enhancement.

  2. Used as a Sleep Aid

    Lavender aroma often promotes better sleep

Some beneficial ingredients used in our Lavender Soaps

  • Lavender Oil - relaxing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
  • Coconut Oil - anti-inflammatory, helps with acne, hydrates
  • Olive Oil - rich in vitamins A & E, antioxidant, helps repair damaged skin
  • Coconut Milk Extract - moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial
  • Sunflower Oil - rich in vitamins, beta-carotine, antioxidant, anti-aging
  • Soybean Oil - rich in vitamin E and antioxidants
  • Shea Butter - hydrating, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging

How our Soaps are made

Each time one of our soaps is sold, that contributes to a positive change in the world. Our lavender soaps are hand crafted with fair trade, ethical and sustainable practices. Our artisan partners in Bangladesh, Guatemala and Ghana employ women across the world who are guaranteed fair living wages for their work, a safe work environment and are treated with respect and dignity. They use all natural and high quality ingredients.


Lavender fair trade soaps are hand crafted by artisan groups



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